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Florence Air and Missle Museum 
Seattle Museum of Flight 

Raleigh Durham (RDU) 
Newark International 
Tokyo Narita International - Soon! 
Floyd Bennett Field 
Madison, San Franscisco, Monterey 

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Most pages here are indexed pretty well. Also, most of the more recent images are named using the aircraft's N-number (when I know it), so that's a good way to see if there is a photo of a specific aircraft.
If you need help, try looking at the search tips page.
What's New:
1999 EAA Oshkosh Fly-In: the MATS Connie, a UPS 727, Burt Rutan's Proteus, Basler's latest turbo-DC-3, and much more.
Carolina's Aviation Museum: C-97 cockpit, AN-2, A-4, A-7, Delta-Dart, DC-3, Midget Mustang, OV-1, T-28, F-??? Voodo, and others.
Stinson Airliner and great background story from the 1998 EAA Oshkosh Fly-In.

I am trying to assemble a database of the photographs I have on-line. Right now, I'm working on a static list of photographs. Later, I hope to create a searchable database (both these are long-tems "works-in-progress"). 

I'm also working on a list of other aviation sites that I have found interesting or useful (ex. aircraft registration databases). 

I am always looking for more information about the aircraft I've photographed. If you have a question, see an error, or have some additional information about the history or background of anything here, please drop me a note.

Here's an Annotated List of Pages in Chronological Order:

  • Photos from the EAA's 1999 Oshkosh Fly-In (aka "EAA AirVenture 98").
    I took a ton of pictures this year. Most of them are now on-line (some without comments, but hey...), and it's only been four months since the show!

  • Carolinas Aviation Museum at Charlotte International Airport, NC.

  • Photos from the EAA's 1998 Oshkosh Fly-In (aka "EAA AirVenture 98").

  • Last year was truly great from a transport aircraft perspective.  The Concorde was a big highlight, but there were a huge number of other tranport (or transport-related) aircraft at the show.

  • Photos from the EAA's 1997 Oshkosh Fly-In.

  • I'm working on putting as many of the ca. 200 pictures I took at Oskhosh '97 and '98 online. Currently, I have DC-3's and the Shackleton bomber/AEW pages up, and I have photos of the Farie Gannet and Grumman Albatroses scanned and almost in place.

  • Photos of some of the collection at the Florence Air & Missle Museum in Florence, SC taken on two trips to Florence in May, 1997 and July, 1997.

  • I unexpectedly encountered this museum on my first trip to Florence in May of 1997. It was a wonderful collection of retired military aircraft; one of those small museums where you can walk around and underneath the aircraft. 
    A while ago, I read that the museum was closing to allow expansion of the Florence airport parking lot. I've been back to visit a number of times in late 1998 and the early part of 1999; the museum is no more. Many of the planes have been scrapped. I have some particularly disturbing pictures of the Connie AEW plane as it was slowly scrapped (in the end with an abrasive cutting disk!). It appears that many parts are destined for Connie resotration projects, but I heard a rumor that the main parts of the plane are destined to become someone's house.

  • Photos from the Seattle Museum of Flight

  • I had a chance to visit Seattle and Everett, WA in April, 1997. 
    I visited the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle, and the Museum's Restoration Facility at Paine Field in Everett.

  • Photos of airplane wings.

  • I often sit in the exit row seat, and the most prominent feature I see is the wing...

  • Photos that just don't fit anywhere.

  • Often I'll just take a single photo that isn't part of a larger grouping. They end up here.

  • Photos from Raligh/Durham International Airport

  • These photos were taken March 11, 1997. There is a misc. mix of planes that were passing by.

  • Photos from Newark International Airport

  • These photos were taken in January, 1997. Currently the page includes a United 777, and a really nice DC-8.

  • Photos from Floyd Bennett Field

  • (now part of the National Park Service's "Gateway Recreation Area"). 
    These aren't strictly airplane photos, but...

  • Photos from the EAA's 1996 Oshkosh Fly-In.

  • This is a somewhat random mix of pictures. There are a bunch of a beautiful Connie, some transport planes, a couple of close-ups of a Turbo-Rotax engine, and the unavoidable "warbirds" pictures. 
    I have many more photos waiting to be scanned, so this page should increase quite a bit in the next months (well, since it's now after the 1997 Fly-In, I guess I should face facts and admit that I may not get any more of the '96 photos scanned...).

  • Photos from a trip to Monterey, CA in March, 1996.

  • This includes a variety of pictures from Madison, WI; O'Hare, San Francisco, and Monterey. There are some interesting shots of an old United 747, as well as the "JET" Service Time Capsule near gate 81 in SFO. 
    I still have a number of photos from this trip. With any luck, I'll be able to get them scanned and added in the future.

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