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Some Pictures from the EAA Oshkosh '98 Fly-In
(aka "EAA AirVenture")

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More Coming Soon!

This year I really walked the flight-line looking for interesting planes. It was a really exciting year for a transport aircraft buff like me, since there were a whole bunch of classic transports on-site. Obviously, the Anglo/French Concorde SST was a real highlight, but the Martin, Convair, Junkers, Stinson Airliner, DC-3's, the 707-derived E3 AWACS, and a whole host of other transports were also there.

I have a ton of pictures that will take some time to get scanned and in place, but I'm hoping to have more of them on-line soon (I have the same sentence on my EAA '97 page - hopefully I'll actually get more things on-line soon as I purchased a scanner late last year).

Concorde Landing
Concorde SST

Convair C-131


Martin 404

Basler Turbo DC-3

Junkers JU-52

Stinson Airliner

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