Misc. Plane Photos:

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EWR, February 18, 1997:

While I was waiting for my flight, I snapped a few pictures of planes passing by:
A FedEx DC-10: An International DC-9:

ORD, Feb, 1997:

I unexpetedly ended up on United when a flight out of Madison was canceled one morning, and I took these shots wandering around the terminal:
Two shots of a Boeing 737-100:
A Boeing 757: An Airbus A-320:

MSN, March 9, 1997 (?):

I think I took this picture while waiting for a flight out of Madison early one morning. The original slide retains more detail in shadows, and shows the flash off the tail more dramatically. I spent some time in the scanning software and PhotoShop trying to tweek the exposure, color-balance, and contrast to retain as much as I could:

Atlanta (?), March 7, 1997: