Some Pictures from the EAA Oshkosh '97 Fly-In

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Whats New: C-17 and C-82 pages!

This was a great Oskosh Fly-In! I spent quite a bit of time trying to collect photos of all the DC-3's (including some of a Bassler turbo-conversion), and other planes that realy interested me, rather than just pretty much randomly snapping pictures as I wandered around (like I did last year). I tried to concentrate on transport planes, like the DC-3's mentioned above, the C-82 Packet (the "Flying Boxcar"), the Air Force's C-17, a British Avro Shackleton Bomber, and a ton of other neat "big" craft.

However, I couldn't pass up the really special events, like the U-2 landing, and the SR-71 and B-2 bomber fly-by's.

I have a ton of pictures that will take some time to get scanned and in place, but I'm hoping to have more of them on-line soon.

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