Some Pictures from Floyd Bennett Field

Taken January 1, 1997
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Floyd Bennett Field was NY City's first municipal airport. It is located on Jamaica Bay, just south of Kennedy Internatial Airport. The airport was opened in 1931; in 1936, the Coast Guard opened an airstation; in 1941 the field was transfered to the U.S. Navy for use as a Naval Airbase; it remained active until it was decommissioned in 1971. The facility was transfered to the National Park Service, and is now part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. Most of the field is used for various recreational activites. The Coast Guard still maintains it's airstation, and some hangers are used by the NYC Police department.
A more complete history was complied by Richard Lamirande and posted on the excellent "Aviation Enthusiast Corner" website.

Floyd Bennett Field played an important part in many flying records. It is located perfectly as the destination of west-east transcontinental flights and as the departure point for west-east transatlantic flights. In addition, it has long enough runways to allow a fuel-heavy plane to take off.

The Ryan Vistor Center

The building that housed the control tower and passenger terminal when Floyd Bennett Field was NYC's airport is now the Park Service's Ryan Vistor Center.
The Park Service is currently rennovating the interior and exterior.

This is the view of the main entrance to the building. The architectural detail above the main entrance is particularly intereresting.
A beautiful stained glass window is located under the skylight in the entrance hall of the terminal.

Some of the Hangers:

There are a number of hangers remaing at Floyd Bennett Field. These are photographs of various details of the old hangers located in the vicinity of the Ryan Visitor Center.
This hanger is located to the north of the Visitor Center. It is one of three identical hangers near-by the Visitor Center. This hanger is used by the NY Police Department for some of their helicopters.
These are the main doors of a hanger similar to the one shown above.
Below is a closeup of the "wings" centered above the door.
This is the center section of another hanger.
Below is a closeup of the concrete relief at the top.

You never know what you'll find in the parking lot at Floyd Bennett Field!

Copyright 1997 Geoff Sobering, Non-commercial Use Allowed with Attribution, All Other Rights Reserved