Plane Pictures From a Trip
MSN-ORD-SFO (and back)

3/16/96 - 3/23/96

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The flights I took on this trip were:

   American 4046 (operated by Simmons Airlines)
     EQP: ATR-42 Turboprop
     LV MSN   6:45 AM
     AR ORD   7:44 AM
   American 485
     EQP: Boeing 757
     LV ORD   8:55 AM
     AR SFO  11:32 AM

   American 46
     EQP: Boeing 757
     LV SFO   1:20 PM
     AR ORD   7:26 PM
   American 4071 (operated by Simmons Airlines)
     EQP: ATR-42 Turboprop
     LV ORD   9:15 PM
     AR MSN  10:10 PM

Madison, WI - 3/16/96:

Here are two shots of the ATR-42 I flew out of Madison, WI. In the second shot I attempted to get a view of the de-icing boot on the horizontal stabilizer. There was actually some frozen dew on the plane, but I wasn't sitting in a seat where I couldn't see if the de-icers were used.

San Francisco, CA - 3/16/96:

Neat patch on this 747-100 (-100, I think):

A closer look at the patch:

A pretty well worn engine from the above plane:

Here are a couple of planes I photographed while wandering around the SFO airport:

The "JET" Service Center Time Capsule near Gate 81:

One of the sheets on the railing around this thing explained:

Many of you are probably wondering how the time capsule managed to find its way to Gate 81. ...

When the Time Capsule was first buired in 1958, it was to commemorate the opening of the new "JET" Service center. What has happened to get it here has been truly remarkable.

The Capsule remained at rest for over 17 years. In 1975 the Service Center kitchen was expanded to accomodate the new 747 jet service. While constructon crews were busy uprooting everything, a fork lift driver lifted from the Earth what was thought to be an old storage tank or large barrel. A Foreman from the Service Center relaized wha it was and had it sent to a shop to have it refurbished. The Capsule was rusty from exposure and was badly pitted. The Capsule sat without a permanent resting place for over a year. In that time, it received a new coat of paint and a hole that the fork lift put in it a year earlier was welded to keep the contents free from the elements.

... a number of employees found the capsule in a storage area, once again having been exumed. To date, the Service Center is scheduled to be torn down to accomodate the new terminal expansion. United, together with the San Francisco Airport, agreed to have the Capsule put here on display until it is opened.
Once again the Capsule was repainted and wings were fashoned to restore the Capsule to its original condition when it was first buried.

Thanks to those who had a hand in re-conditioning the Capsule to the way in which you see it now and those who made it all possible.

Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA

San Francisco, CA, 3/23/96

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The final leg...
Flying at night in an ATR-42 in sleet and freezing rain

or, "Wow, look at the rubber boots inflate!"

No pictures... (too dark).