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My Collection of Aircraft Photographs.

Some Ice Boarding Photos, March 15, 1997.

Some Photographs of Sandy Hook, NJ.

Pictures from the 1996 EAA Fly-In at Oshkosh, WI

The UW Space Science and Engineering Center's Atmospheric Model Output Statistics (MOS)

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Hoofer Sailing Club Informal Fish Get-Together Page.

Airplane pictures from my trip in March

Snowsailing at Hoofers' Winter Carnival:

More Snowsailing Madness, 3/2/96

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TerraCom Bio

Proposal for Hoofers Sailing Club Board of Directors, Winter 1996

Who the hell am I?

A QuickCam Portrait at the NIH An IndyCam Portrait at GE Medical Systems Another IndyCam Protrait at GEMS
(what do you expect for $100?) (Major Geek City!) (now I've relaxed a bit)

Imagination, the original virtual Reality.

A Few Thoughts:

"I know there are people in this world who do not love their fellow human beings - and I hate people like that"
- Tom Lehrer

"If it wasn't for the honor, I just have soon not been blacklisted."
- Lee Hays

When in danger, when in doubt,
run in circles, scream and shout
- Original Source Unknown (noted in boot messages for A/UX 1.0)

Does anyone know where the love of god goes,
when the waves turn the minutes to hours?
- Gordon Lightfoot, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"

Now some folks are schemers who laugh at the dreamers
Take the gold from the sailors and turn it to dross
They are men in prison, women without vision
Whose only horizon is profit and loss
- Eric Bogle, "Safe in the Harbor"
(via Lee Murdock , for which I am most grateful)

SMRM 95 Abstracts Accepted:

RSNA 95 Abstracts Submitted:

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