Aircraft Pictures:
If I had to list one thing that I'm actively trying to put on my home-page, it would have to be aircraft pictures. Currently, I try and take my camera with me whenever I travel so that I can accumulate a collection of airplane photos.
I am trying to assemble a database of the photographs I have on-line. Right now, I'm working on a static list of photographs. Later, I hope to create a searchable database.

I'm also working on a list of other aviation sites that I have found interesting or useful (ex. aircraft registration databases).

I am always looking for more information about the aircraft I've photographed. If you see an error, or have some additional information about the history or background of anything here, please drop me a note.

So far, this is what's made it onto the web:

I'm hoping to be out traveling a bit in the next few months, so hopefully I'll see some new and interesting craft.

I really missed an oportunity a month or so ago when I dropped a friend off at the Milwaukee airport. For some reason I didn't bring my camera, so I couldn't snap a picture of the Vastran modified (winglets) private 727 that landed and took off while we were waiting!


Geoff Sobering

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