Geoff Sobering:

Geoff's memory isn't what it used to be; he blames it on today's outrageously low disk prices.

He claims to have lost his resume file during his recent move back to Madison from the East-Coast. In rare moments of caffine and sugar induced lucidity he will claim to have worked with computers since the mid-70's. Like many aging techno-geeks, he often rambles. He'll also claim to have worked with UNIX since 1982, but again offers no proof.

One thing that is almost certain is that most recently he worked for the federal government building high-performance computing and network systems in the bio-medical field. Luckly, he left a trail of papers on MRI and image-processing that make it possible to verify his association with the NIH in Maryland. However, more details are difficult to come by.

There is no question about how he spends his free time. Whenver the lakes are not frozen (and sometimes even when they are) he can be found around the Memorial Union waterfront or on lake Mendota sailing in a variety of boats (in fact, he recommends you stop reading this and visit one of his favorite sailing web pages).

If you would care to try and elict more information, Geoff can be reached via e-mail at: