American International Airways DC-8
at EWR

I saw this beautiful DC-8 from across the field at Newark International Airport. Most planes are parked some distance from any public area, but this one was tucked onto a section of tarmac next to the north air-freight terminals. In fact, the end of the starbord wing actually extended past the fence, so I could actually stand underneath it to get a picture of the alierons and flaps.

When I first described this plane, I thought it was owned by a small air transport company. Opps...
I got a very nice note from the webmaster for Americal International Airways (AIA). Among other items, she gave me the address of the Kalitta companies home page. There I found out that AIA is one of the largest operators of DC-8s in the world. In addtion to the DC-8's, they also own aircraft from Cessna twins to Boeing 747s!

Since I took these pictures in January, I've been back at Newark twice. Both times I saw Kalitta L-1011's parked where I photographed the DC-8. On the second trip, I was able to drive down to the cargo area and get some pictures of one of the L-1011's. Unfortunately, I've not gotten the chance to scan them in yet...

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