My First Iceboat - "The General"

My first iceboat was a bright red Sarns' style boat I bought in the fall of 1999.   It came with some graphics that reminded a number of my friends of the car from the "Dukes of Hazard" TV show.  It came with a solid wood mast and old sail,  I sailed it for a season unchanged.  The next fall I bought a blank "Norton Wing" Aluminum mast and a modern sail.  That year Mike Carlson and I also started building some fiberglass masts.  I sailed my first races that spring, including one in 20+ knots of breeze that convinced me that 1:1 steering on a DN was a bad idea.  I did well enough (i.e. I sailed in more races than much faster members of the club) to get a 3rd place trophy.   That spring Mike decided to leave Madison for Washington D.C., and offered me his DN program at a price I couldn't refuse.  "The General" ended up in New Jersey and will hopefully sail alot on Barnegat Bay.

Here are some photos of "The General" sailing on Lake Mendota in the winter of 2000.
On the left is a picture of a friend, Larry Walker, sailing; on the right is a picture on me in the boat.